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Winter's Eve

Went up to Lincoln Center on Monday night for the tree lighting and for the Winter's Eve event. Lots of festivities including stilt walkers, music, ice sculpting, choirs, and product demonstrations at Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Thanksgiving '06

These are a few shots from Turkey Day Part One with my folks in NJ and Part Two with Amanda's family in Brooklyn. Good times all around! I can't get over that shot of Shiloh laughing in the background.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

The night before Thanksgiving I randomly had some people over for cocktails, stuffing and some movie watching.

Things got a little silly and we wound up wearing hats and sunglasses in my apartment at night. Then we threw a large Mickey Mouse style and in the mix and Bella tried to eat it.

It's gonna happen sometimes.

That's One Smart Dog

Sometimes you get bored and come up with new ways to pass the time. Of course, one of the inevitable things you' re going to do is put a pair of glasses on your dog Bella and take humiliating photos of her.

Putting them on the Internet is the obvious next step.

Rock Star Party

Last weekend we went to a Rockstar Party. Everyone dressed as a rock icon for the night (yes, I know it was one week after Halloween)

Check the photos for the love. I think it was more fun going to Boat and The Pencil Factory dressed up!

Mohonk 06

I went up to Mohonk for my annual conference. Beautiful as always:

Out with the old in with new

People have been asking where the photos are, and the truth is I don't know yet! In this new incarnation of the website I'm still unsure as to the best way to post shots. My options include:

  • Posting directly through blogger, using the Lightbox javascript to handle slideshows
  • Posting via Flickr which would be fun to do using the Flock browser capabilities, but I only get 20MB of uploads a month
  • Posting via Google's Picasa, but I feel a bit too wired into Google's world right now (already using their personalised homepage, Docs & Spreadsheets and Gmail!
  • Using iWeb on my Macbook to generate pages with built in slide-shows, but that won't match the look & feel of this site

In the end I'll most likely wind up going with the blogger interface.

For old batches of photos:

The last incarnation of my photoblog
The one before that (where the bulk of the photos are)

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